These workshops & classes are included in kirkton retreats


Wild Foraging

Vitality and nourishment can be found all around us. During our Wild Foraging Workshop, you will discover all the edible, local plants that grow wildly in abundance and their nutritional properties. Depending on the season, we may harvest stinging nettle, ground elder, comfrey, mushrooms, edible flowers and much more. 

Through the simple exploration of the world around us, we connect more deeply to ourselves and Mother Earth. From the wild garden and straight to your mouth, you'll delight in finding your own ingredients just outside the front door.


Healthy Cooking

Learn how eating healthy can be fun, easy and nourishing in so many ways. All your senses, and your stomach, will rejoice as they dive into a more colorful and flavorful selection. Using those freshly foraged items from the wild, we'll cook up delicious meals and treats.

All meals are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and are as locally and organically sourced as possible. 


Nature Therapy

Bathe your senses in the sights and sounds of the forest.

Forest therapy has been proven to reduce cortisol and regulate blood sugar levels. Combined with the benefits of the sound of running water, your time in nature here will reduce stress and cultivate relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga at Kirkton House

Yoga & Pilates

Wake up your cells. Breathe life into your joints, your muscles and your tissues. Forge new pathways and cultivate new transformative habits. With morning yoga and pilates, you'll find your body moving through life with greater strength, power and ease.

Yoga is proven to decrease stress, relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation and improve flexibility and balance. We could all use a bit more flexibility and balance in our lives!

Such a wonderful place! Large and cozy, comfortable and friendly. Lot’s of fun exploring the trails and enjoying the scenery. This place is truly wonderful.
— Alan, Australia