A More Beautiful World is Possible

We live in an age which will be viewed by history as pivotal.  Extreme concentrations of wealth, wide spread destruction of our ecosystems and an entrenched belief  that economic growth will solve these and the multitude of other problems. Life style diseases at a rate so widespread that human being themselves are in danger of becoming extinct. Out of touch with the natural world, fueled by self interest and  pseudo satisfiers, detached from our environment and community, its time we find another way. What kind of  world do we want our grandchildren to grow up in? We all know that a more beautiful world is possible.


Like canaries in the coal mine, our personal wellbeing is extricably linked to the wider world.  The change must begin from within, while also looking at the bigger picture.


Our Mission

To support people to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to lead a life which is good for themselves, the people around them and the wider planet.

At Kirkton House, we will provide you with wonderful healthy meals, dynamic movement for the body, detoxifying practices and a beautiful environment to in which to become energised, positive and happy. In addition, we will support you to look at the bigger picture in your life and the wider world. It all starts within.



How will you be a part of creating a more

beautiful world?


kirkton house is for you if:

  • You're ready to be a part of the change
  • You know a calm inner world creates a calm outer world
  • You're ready to take the next step and break the cycle
  • You want to make a difference and need help getting started

Kirkton House Gardens

"I feel more balanced, stronger, and less stressed."

-Brian, Cambridge